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So you probably would like to know a few things.

Who we are.

What we do.

Why we do it.

And why clients love us.

Well let’s get one thing out in the open – we are not a “full-service” PR Firm and we’re certainly not for everyone.
Our specific niche of Services is intended for those businesses that are looking for something new.
Something different.

Something fresh.

PR Rebel is everything that all other PR Firms are not – uniquely effective.

While your big box PR Firm sits at the mercy of outdated archaic methods of Public Relations, PR Rebel understands that it takes much much more than a Press Release to stand out from the crowd.

We understand the value of directing our efforts towards strategies that allow our clients to truly make a splash in PR from angles that they have yet to explore. And it’s this very unconventional and unorthodox approach that our clients have been searching for all along.

We are PR Rebel…and we do PR differently.

Our Team of Rebel Professionals

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Josh Lamont
Former White House Official

John Buck
Senor Contributor | Coin Telegraph

Abdulah Salim
Digital Marketing and Branding Specialist

Mike Hendley
Expert Cryptocurrency Analysist | Blockchain Strategist

Dr Daniel Dimov
International Legal Expert

Jace Ross
Senor Marketing Expert

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Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

The PR world has become corrupted, you can play
fair and lose. Or you can play by the rules, and win.

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we do PR differently.